These 4 products together will give you the overall weightloss goals, energy overall health benefits you desire.


Vacia / Kai Detox Tea is a gentle but effective cleanser for your body of everyday impurities. It helps flush fatty acids out of the body and to lower bad cholesterol.


Valé30 is a liquid extract that is also an effective cleanser for your body of everyday impurities.This was created for those that don’t like taking pills or have digestive issues, contains glucosamine to preserve joint health.


Flare Energy Capsules are the company’s blend of energy pills to keep you up, alert, and awake., and HElp boost your metabolism to burn fat.


Kaprese CBD Coffee Uniquely designed to nurture the calmness in you, our CBD-infused coffee aims to leave you focused with a fresh burst of energy dedicated to soothing your mind, body, and soul.*This blend of ingredients offers many health benefits that included a believed weight loss effect while maintaining focus and mental energy.


Bundle Deal:

  1. 5 Day Vacia / kai Detox Tea....
  2. 5 Day Kaprese CBD Coffee
  3. 5 Day Flare/vida Plus....
  4. 2 / 3 oz Vale 30 liquid vitamin 


Instructions: -  Drink Kaprese CBD coffee,  Vacia Tea, Replenish with Vale 30 and add Energy with Flare


Do not drink Vacia if pregnant or breastfeeding. 


 Please note: This is only for small individual sample sachets.

Complete Pack (sample)