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Vacia Detox Tea is 100% Natural and is designed to gently and effectively cleanse your body of everyday impurities and allow you to feel your best self. Vacia Detox Tea is designed to promote weight loss and increase your energy. Vacia/ KAI Detox Tea may also help to flush fatty acids out of the body, which in turn may help lower LDL (bad cholesterol). lower blood pressure and clears skin. Vacia Detox Tea also stimulates colon activity to help promote waste elimination while the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune-stimulating properties helps with bloating.



Drink 1 per day. -Drink Vacia Detox 30 minutes before eating or 30 minutes after eating. Do not drink while eating. It may cause slight discomfort.

Pour 1 sachet of tea into 10-16 oz bottle water, shake thoroughly until tea dissolves. Drink at your own pace . You can use in morning or night. Within a few hours after drinking, you will have a Flush..... Don't be alarmed if you use the bathroom a few times. It's normal until your body gets adjusted.

*** Drink lots of water while detoxing and after***

Please Note: (If you find that using one entire sachet is too strong for you, only use half of sachet in full bottle water and drink).

***Ok to Drink everyday or twice a day for massive results. ***


We also Recommend purchasing Vale 30 to replenish vitamins in your body after detoxing.


Results of Detoxing with Vacia Detox Tea:

Eliminates processed foods, alcohol, and other unhealthy substances from your diet.

-Great for Natural Energy

-Great for Quality Sleep

-Great for Weight loss

-Cleanse Colon, Liver and Intestines

-Gets rid of Toxins at Cellular Level

-Flattens tummy while eliminating


-Promote toxin elimination through

feces, urine, and sweat

-Clears Skin and Acne issues

-Improve circulation and Digestive



30 day supply $90

60 day supply (Kai tea) $160


REMEMBER : Drink lots of water after detoxing


Do Not use if : Under 10 years of age, Pregnant or breast feeding

Vacia Detox Tea (30 Day)

  • Vacia Detox infused with Cassia Angustifolia, Carica Papaya Extract, Matricaria Chamomilla extract, and Soluble Fiber Dextrin.

    Vacia Detox Tea also contains Cassia Anguvstifolia (Senna), which comes from the Cassia plant. Senna stimulates colon activity to help promote waste elimination while the Carica Papaya Extract is well-known for its antibacterial and immune-supporting properties, as well as promoting healthy joint mobility.

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