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ASIAN SILK HOT COCO hair comes in 4 oz bundles. This hair is naturally full of body and provides the silkiest look ever. Asian Silk can be worn straight naturally or curled with a curling iron or wand. This hair is 100% Virgin and colored CoCo Brown to perfection. When wet, Asian silk remains straight.


10" - $50 
12" - $55 
14" - $60
16" - $65 
18" - $70 
20" - $75 
22" - $80 
24" - $85 
26" - $90 


  • This hair last 4 months or longer. We guarantee our Hair to all customers that cares for the hair as it is your own hair. 


    Co-Washing with Sweet Conditioner and Weft sealing is a great start to a healthier and longer lifetime for your hair. We suggest you use our Sweet Shampoo and Conditioner and Leave in to cleanse and condition your hair. For extra moisture, We recommend Sweet Oil.


    Suggested Bundles: 

    Natural Look : 2 Bundles

    Full Look : 3 Bundles 

    Diva Full & Long : 4 Bundles 


    We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction with all of our products beyond the point of sale. We only allow Exchanges on all products within 7  days of purchase when accompanied by the following:

     *Original paypal emailed receipt

    * All original packaging

    Exchanges will be processed based on the original form of payment.

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