Cache Bag is the best solution for traveling, and storing your Spoiled Diva hair extensions!

1.  Do you have a trash bag filled with old hair? (Note: Your hair is not trash its an investment) 

2. Do you have old hair floating under your sink with all your woman needs?  (Note:Your hair is not to be thrown anywhere, it's an investment)

3. Do you have hair sitting in your trunk collecting dust until your next hair appointment? (Note: Your hair is not apart of your car service, it's an investment)


You get the Point...xoxo...


We want to make sure you are storing your extensions in its proper and safe place. By using our new Cache bags, you can increase the life span of your extensions by preventing tangling, dryness or mildew smells. Now you can store your beautiful locks in style, while keeping them completely safe and secure. Treat  your hair as your Chanel Bag.... Wear it it class and store it in its proper place when not used. You can also travel with your Spoiled Diva Hair. Your Cache bag will be your newest companion and Besty!


The Cache Bag Hanger is also perfect to use when drying, styling or preparing your hair extensions for a new install! With easy grip fabric installed inside the glossed wooden panels, hang your hair the sexy way! 


Purchase more and save!

1 Bag= $19.99

2 Bags= $35.99

3 Bags= $52.99


Color options:

White (in stock)

Spoiled Blue, Black, Pink (coming soon)