Keep your energy running high with Flare Energy Capsules . Our unique combination of amino acids, probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals support energy production and work on a cellular level to increase your energy.


Flare Energy capsules are high: 

  • B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12) 
  • chromium
  • selenium: which may also increase muscle growth and help regulate your metabolism.
  • Great for Natural Energy
  • Great for Memory Loss
  • Great as Brain Food
  • Helps with weight loss maintenance
  • Helps with Menstrual Cramp
  • Boost Libido for Sexual Enhancement


Flare Energy Capsules contains

  • Green coffee bean extract: Green coffee bean extract is high in chlorogenic acid, which is believed to have weight loss effects
  • Green tea,
  • Guarana. Guarana helps to maintain focus and mental energy.
  • CoQ10: the nutrient that your body’s cells require to produce energy.


Vegan Friendly !


This product does not contain caffeine.

Consult Dr if: Pregnant or breast feeding.

Consult with Dr if you have any medical conditions.


Price of Flare Capsules:

  1. 3 day $20
  2. 5 day $25 
  3. 7 day $35
  4. 10 day $45
  5. 14 day $60
  6. 30 day $90

Flare Energy (ON THE GO )