Celebrity hair stylist “Beautii J.” created the perfect Hair Care line that will have your hair smelling sexy & feeling amazingly soft! Beautii J. HairCare is designed to deeply cleanse and moisterize your hair while helping it to grow longer and have a beautiful shine. 


Glamorous Set Includes: 

  • Rose Shampoo 8oz

  • Rose Conditioner 8oz

  • Detox Leave In conditioner 4oz

  • Silk Serum 4 oz

  • Growth Oil 4 oz

  • Sweet Treatment 4oz



Glamorous Set


    1. Comb Hair with wide tooth comb
    2.  Apply Sweet Treatment to Dry hair, from scalp to ends. Massage then apply plastic cap, leave on for 30-45 minutes with heat. Rinse with cool/warm water
    3. Shampoo with Rose Shampoo twice
    4.  Condition with Rose conditioner, massage conditioner thouroughly, use wide comp and comb from roots to ends, Rinse with Cool water. 
    5. Spray Detox Leave in.
    6. Apply a dime sized drop of  Silk Serum or Growth serum to the palm of your hand and massage on scalp or edges. Style as usual 

    We do not recommend that you apply both oils unless necessary. 


    HOW TO USE Growth Oil as Deep conditioning oil treatment: Apply to hair after shampoo & conditioner while wet, saturate hair roots to ends, apply plastic cap sit under heated dryer for 15 min. rinse and style .


    -Growth oil can also be used on scalp throughout the week. 

    -Silk oil can be applied on hair for shine throughout the week. 

    -Please note: Growth oil can be very oily. Do not over saturate.