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Are you looking to give your hair a break from the everyday wear and tear of heat and styling? Would you like to wear your hair to in a high ponytail with out lumps or bumps? Welcome to the  360 Lace Frontals Band World. 360 Lace frontal offers you coverage around your entire perimeter and a way to have all of your hair hidden away under your hair extensions while still looking natural. This will give you a naturally beautiful flawless hairline that actually looks like your natural hair line. 
Front of the frontal measuresments: Spoiled 360 Lace Frontals measures 22.5 X 4 X 2. Baby hair plucked to perfection. Our standard 360 Lace Frontal Band is a medium size head circumference that measures 22.5". If the head is smaller or larger an option for the unit to fit securely would be to use the Elastic Band or the Adjustable Straps.
We do not recommend coloring curly hair, you may full curl pattern. 

Knots are Bleached 
Baby Hair plucked to perfection. 

Spoiled 360 Lace Frontal:
14" - $160
16" - $170
18" - $180
20" - $200
22" - $225


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