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Beautii J.'s Coaching / Mentorship Session is great for new Business owners and Veteran Professionals. In this session Beautii will make sure that your Game Plan is executed. There comes a point where stagnation sets in. You can take yourself only so far without the help of others. With this Coaching session, Beautii will guide you daily with the plans put together. You will receive a weekly call to make sure the plan is working effectivly. Beautii will be your accountability partner that will be making sure your business plan is working perfectly. 


Note: Consultation is $75 per hr. . For the Game plan to work properly, you will need to purchase this coaching session for 3 - 6 months. We have discounted up to 4 sessions for you to save money. If you wish to only do 1 month at a time that is not a problem. 


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