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Meet "Frenchy" .....Every Diva needs to own a Spoiled Diva Hair Unit!  Versatility Cap A.K.A U-part Wig is the perfect unit that will save you time and money at the salon. No more sitting at the salon for 3 hour services anymore. 


The Versatility Cap is designed to give the look of a sew-in but without the fuss and stress to the hair. It's very simple to wear.... A small section of your natural hair is exposed either in the center, or on a left or right side part, and the unit covers the remainder of the hair. Our Versatility Caps are ready to be worn once received. We promise you that once you go the Versatility Cap way, you'll never go back to a sew-in!


  • Add a comb and clips to your unit for $25 additional,  4 combs and 2 clips
  • We use a mesh weaving cap with adjustable straps in the back for optimal fitting and and so that your scalp can breath.
  • Versatility Cap can be Sewn on or attached by clips for the on the go diva. 
  •  Optionally, you can use a closure (lace or silk base), in the opening, so that no natural hair is exposed.
  • Color: Natural brown with blonde and auburn highlights
  • Length Option: 24 inches
  • Style: Body Wave Style
  • Hair Used: Body WAVE
  • Cap Construction: (Small, Medium & Large) (see how to measure)
  • This unit is made of 300 grams hair, which is comparable to 3 packs or bundles of hair extensions.


Please allow up to 7-14 days for construction process : All Units are Custom made, cut and styled once order is placed. Hair will be shipped in Spoiled Diva Box to preserve your custom style and notification email will be sent.


"Frenchy" U-Part Versatility Unit

  • How to measure your head to find the perfect match for the U-Part size: „ When fitting for an Spoiled Diva Versatility Cap, a few measurements should be taken into consideration. „


    • First you'll need a measuring tape.
    • In order to get the most accurate dimensionsmeasurements should be taken with your natural hair either braided or in a flat wrap. (Please note) measuring your head with an existing install will give inaccurate results.


    Measure the circumference and diameter of your head:

    1.  Section off your leaveout
    2.  Place measuring tape From the widest part of leaveout (closest to your temples)  all the way around to nape back up to other side of leaveout.
    3. write down Circumference measurement:
    4. Place measuring tape from center back of leaveout all the way down to nape of head (where hairline stops in back of head)
    5. Write down Diameter measurement:
    6. Go to chart and check whether you are small, medium or large 

    make sure to measure twice to be sure it is the same 

    • Receive the look and style of a sew in extensions with out sitting in the salon for hours?


    • You will save money on your overall hair maintenance budget?


    • You are now able to regularly shampoo your natural hair underneath your Extensions? 


    • Doesn't it sound amazing to switch your hair up daily or monthly.


    • This is the protective style for your natural hair?


    • If your hairline is starting to thin or break from the stress of wearing a sew-in weave. Versatility cap is perfect for you. 



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