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The Ultimate Beautii University Business Guide will teach you how to step-by-step create a strong business.

Who’s it’s for ?
✨ If you don’t know where & how to start a business.
✨Passionate about turning passion into a stream of income.
✨Having challenges with writing out a business plan and the legal process.
✨ Need help picking brand elements such as logo, colors , name and font .
✨Would like to scale or grow your business.

Whatever stage you find yourself, this book is all you need .

A brand is one of the most critical assets of any business. It's the primary identifier that represents your business. A brand is more than a logo; a brand is something you can sell even if you no longer have products or services to sell. “ A strong brand creates equity and goodwill“.

It’s time to have a strong brand and business you're proud of...

What’s included; All your small business owner starter essentials. Define & Establish brand, Pick name, logo, trademark, register business, and open accounts.

•7 easy steps to start a business and begin making money.
•Learn the branding process and business plan template.
•Outline the Legal Process & Business Registration
•How To Market For New Small Business Owners
•Step-by-step workbook to checkoff task

E-book ; Includes one digital downloads pdf. Files.

How to start a Business

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