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Having Hair Issues? Here's your Hair Prescription.


Sweet Treatment™ Penetrating Treatment restores natural Dry Damage Hair while locking in the moisture.


Sweet Treatment is a revitalizer that will bring your hair cuticles back to life. It's main powerful Ingredient is pure Natural Honey, When hair is missing it's vitamins, it tends to become very brittle, dry, and un-manageable. Sweet treatment will make your hair very soft, help it to grow, add shine and add a deep layer of moisture. Sweet treatment is a great treatment to use as a protein Mask. This treatment will also helps your Straight styling last longer as well.


Add a little sweetness in your life!



3 oz : $19.99

6 oz : $30

8 oz : $55

Sweet Treatment Hydrating Mask

  • Coconut Derived Moisturizers , Vegetable Protein,  Fortified with Vitamins A, D & E., Biotin, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, honey, grape seed oil, coconut oil




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