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About Spoiled U-Tip - If you want a method with the least amount of maintenance work (yes this method lasts the longest) you may be in the salon a little longer the first time, but you won't have to see your stylist for quite a while! The U-Tip fusion method has been around for years and no matter the others that come along this method isn't going any where, literally they stay in your hair real really well!


SPOILED ASIAN SILK U-TIP hair comes in 50 Pieces per pack. Asian Silk U-Tip can be worn straight naturally or curled with a curling iron or wand. This hair is 100% Virgin. When wet, Asian silk U-Tip remains straight. This hair is a professionally installed hair extension product that provides permanent color, length and volume for months at a time. We provide the strongest keratin bond with the most limited amount of required care. Keratique should only be installed by a Certified Hair Extensionist.


18" - $50
20" - $60
22" - $70
24" - $80
26" - $90 


  • Suggested Packs: 

    Natural Look :2 Packs

    Full Look : 3 Packs

    Diva Full & Long : 6 Packs


    We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction with all of our products beyond the point of sale. We only allow Exchanges on all products within 7  days of purchase when accompanied by the following:

     *Original paypal emailed receipt

    * All original packaging

    Exchanges will be processed based on the original form of payment.

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