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SPOILED SPANISH CURLY is the perfect Summer and beach curly look! SPANISH CURLY is 100% Virgin Human Hair and can be mildly colored, wet and styled in your sexy curly look. When wet, SPANISH CURLY gives a very CURLY pattern as seen on Beautii J's Picture (she's wearing 3 packs of 24"). We recommend not adding heat, so you do not lose your curly pattern. (But that's totally up to you). Blends perfect with naturally curly hair.


We suggest using Beautii J Hair care : Rose Conditioner and Detox as your Daily curly moisterizer, to keep your curls poppin. This will keep your curl beautifully moisturized and soft.


COLOR : Natural Dark brown

Price List:

10"- $60

12"- $65

14" - $70

16" - $75

18" $80

20" - $85

22" - $90

24" - $95

26" - $100

28" - $110


  • Spoiled Spanish Curly hair comes in 4 oz bundles. This hair is naturally full of Curls. This hair is 100% Virgin.

    Suggested Bundles: 

    Natural Look : 2 Bundles

    Full Look : 3 Bundles 

    Diva Full & Long : 4 Bundles 


    We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction with all of our products beyond the point of sale. We only allow Exchanges on all products within 7  days of purchase when accompanied by the following:

     *Original paypal emailed receipt

    * All original packaging

    * Customers are in charge of all shipping fees to and from

    * Once we receive product and approve exchange. we will then send a shipping invoice for your return shipping. 

    * We may reject exchange if package has been opened, tampered with, not in original packaging and if seal is broken on wrapping. 

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